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Sydney Tiles Showroom or Go To Our Online Tile Store

Sydney Tiles has fast become Sydney’s premier outlet for quality top brand name tiles.? Also known as Tile Factory Outlet or TFO, Sydney Tiles store over 80,000m2 of tiles at 107 Warren Road Smithfield NSW (located on the Cumberland Hwy, one of Sydney’s main roads in between Liverpool and Parramatta). This outlet is easily accessible from Newcastle, Canberra and really any part of New South Wales. Even interstate customers from Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth shop at Sydney Tiles because they offer the best value in Australia, even after adding the price of freight.

Outlet shopping is known for its savings, and that is exactly what you will get at Sydney Tiles – huge savings!!!!? If you are looking to buy the latest top quality tiles in Sydney look no further. Sydney Tiles offers the biggest range of premium quality tiles in Sydney all at the lowest prices possible all year round. No need to wait for Sales – ?Sydney Tiles’ prices are always affordable, unlike most retailers where the prices are highly inflated and can then offer huge discounts on products that they cannot move.

Because of HUGE volumes of turnover, Sydney Tiles passes the savings onto you, the consumer. This means that you can buy the latest in Italian tiles, timber look tiles, travertine tiles and marble tiles. (Not seconds, discontinued or obsolete products) at the lowest prices all year round.

Sydney Tiles range of top quality premium products include:-
Ceramic Wall and Floor Tiles and Polished Porcelains from around the world
The latest in Full Body Stoneware from Italy – produced with state of the art technology
Timber Look Porcelain Tiles from Italy – the latest designs produced with ink jet technology
Carrara Marble from Italy
Crema Marfil Marble from Spain
Pietra Grey Marble from Iran
Sandstone & Stackstones from India & China
Travertine tiles and pavers from Turkey

……………..Beautiful Mosaics to colour your world

……………..plus Vanities and Toilets

…………….Adhesives, Sealers, Grouts

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? Everything you need for your next tiling project?is?all available at??

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? Sydney Tiles, saving you thousands.

  Product listing

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